2023-2024 development year plan

This folder is our current plan for the 7th anniversary update for Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop in 2024. Everything in here is subject to change, and the contents of this folder may be out of date. Let Ben know if anything seems wrong.

(Note: Many of these plans have been delayed due to their complexity; we're just doing a UI revamp and loadout sharing for the anniversary, and additional content is coming in a later update.)

The Big Picture: Headline Features

The 6th anniversary was heavily geared towards giving mission and challenge authors more tools. We're also adding a lot of stuff for authors in the 7th anniversary update, but our main focus this year is features that players can use right now, not having to wait for someone else to make new content. And maybe some lore. Some of these features also help to pave the foundation for Versus mode, which is not part of this year's update.

Milestone 0: Pre-Planning

Milestone 1: Planning

Milestone 2: Core

Milestone 3: Pre-Balance

Milestone 4: Art

Milestone 5: Balance

Milestone 6: Finalization