2024 Crafting

Crafting is going to work like in TF2, with simple recipes that take some number of items and spit out a different item or set of items.

Need to determine the costs for these recipes, but here are the rough ideas:

Additionally, some behind-the-scenes crafting recipes will work more like a shop (the OCM Gift Shop).

And after completing some of the quests,

Some recipes get crafted automatically when they are available:


Random item drops are earned by simply playing the game. There will be options to opt out of item drops or to opt in to item drops but not receive notifications for crafting materials or to not receive notifications for any drop.

Three recurring item drop timers:


Determined by mission or marine class (randomly, equal chance). Every 15 minutes of gameplay, up to 5 times per day. Drop pools contain crafting items, with different regional crafting items for each mission group. Very rare chance of strange items, with higher weights for items specific to the currently-played marine class.

xNUMBER inside parentheses means quantity, outside parentheses means weight. Default weight and quantity is 1.

Workshop pools are based on the workshop addon ID containing the mission. A = even number, B = odd number.

Mission pools

Marine class pools

Shared pools


Every 90 minutes of gameplay, no limit. Contains crafting materials including all regional crafting materials, but without the chance for higher quantities.


Every 100 hours, max 5 times ever, max 1 time per 90 days.