Mapping Distances


Object Dimensions
1 foot 16 units
Maximum Climbable Step 24 units or 45.573* degree slope
Small Vent 64×64
Small Hallway 192 wide
Large Hallway 384 wide
Very Large Hallway 896 wide
Standard heavy door 32×128×160
Vault door 16×160×160

*The exact maximum slope angle is arccos(0.7).

Creature Hulls

Creatures Dimensions
Marine 32×32×72*
Colonist 26×26×72
Drone (all variants) 40×40×69
Ranger 40×40×69
Buzzer 20×20×20*
Boomer 60×60×110
Parasite 24×24×12
Shieldbug 80×80×72
Mortarbug 46×46×69
Harvester 46×46×69
Xenomite 24×24×12
Grub 24×24×12
Mender 32×32×64
Queen 240×240×160
Antlion (both) 32×32×64
Antlion Guard (both) 60×60×110
Headcrab (all variants) 24×24×12
Headcrab Zombie (all variants) 26×26×72
Combine Soldier (all variants) 26×26×72
Combine Hunter 44x44x100
Combine Strider, Dropship, Gunship 76x76x76*
Combine Scanner, Claw Scanner 20x20x20*

*Marine hulls are biased 2 units south (regardless of camera orientation).
*Flying creature hulls are vertically centered. All other hulls start at the origin and go up. Striders are considered to be flying creatures.

Player View

With asw_controls 1, the camera has a fixed angle when moving the mouse. Unless explicitly disabled in asw_gamerules, players can rotate the camera’s yaw axis in 90 degree increments. For other values of asw_controls, the player has full control of the camera angle.

The player can also change the center point of their view on the X and Y axes by moving their mouse. The default values for maximum camera shifting offsets are 300 left/right, 200 forward, and 380 back.